Just more than a year ago, an Indonesian (child) teenager with the snarky moniker of Rich Chigga (AKA Brian Imanuel, now Rich Brian) released “Dat $tick”, a track meant to be a parody of trap in a “we mock the things we love” kind of way. However, it ended up being a well past decent single and way too hype for its own good, probably helped along by this reaction video posted months later by YouTube channel 88rising. A few months following its initial release, Rich Brian released a remix of the original track featuring Ghostface Killa and Pouya. I think I actually like the original better in terms of video, rap, lyrics, the whole ambience of the thing. But I do like the inclusion of Ghostface Killah and Pouya’s verses in the remix, which adds a sort of surreal legitimacy to Rich Brian’s original. And while all this has been going on, the internet’s favorite musical obsession, vaporwave, has continued to gain traction, helped along by one of its rising (perhaps by now fully risen??) stars, YUNG BAE.

And that brings us to now, the year of our Lord, 2017.

If someone would have said to me before, “Hey! What would you think about a Rich Brian x YUNG BAE matchup,” I may have laughed at the implausibility of the thing. But then lo and behold YUNG BAE dropped his “Dat $tick” remix and I was way past unexpectedly surprised and satisfied, listening to a track that I had not known I needed in my life until that fateful listen.

The original is sort of grimy and disgusting in an enjoyable way, a slow grind and bop that makes you pull a face, but in an involuntary it’s-so-wrong-but-so-right grimace. YUNG BAE decided to lighten up the track, adding the cutest, lightest flute sample over top each of the rapper’s verses. I think this sound especially accentuates Pouya’s verse but overall the song just becomes lighter and more fun in a different way than the original. Before, it was definitely meant to be a parody and not to be taken seriously, but YUNG BAE’s remix seems to add a further layer of smart irony to the track and I still haven’t stopped listening since it came out a month ago. The track is so dirty but now it’s also cute. Can something be simultaneously dirty and cute and yet still so enjoyable? The answer is yes. Yes, it can.