Luhan is a really consistent artist in terms of sound, production, and release schedule. It hasn’t been that long since he released the Venture EP (“What If I Said” what a jam am I right?), continuing his trend of releasing new music every three months or so. I don’t know if I would necessarily say there is growth over time musically, but Luhan does seem to gain confidence in who he is an artist with each consecutive EP. This means I always know what to expect from him and his music, but am still pleasantly satisfied and perhaps slightly surprised upon each new release.

Luhan’s Imagination EP follows in the footsteps of its predecessors, combining the sweetness of R&B inspired slow jams with current trends in European dance music. I really like how his voice floats through the chorus of both “On Call,” especially with the simple high guitar and rolling beat supporting his breathy voice, and the slightly more upbeat “Say It.” His falsetto is satisfying in an unexpected way, seeing how Luhan’s voice isn’t necessarily the strongest in terms of presence and punch. I would say this comes from the confidence he (and his producers) have in what they are trying to craft with not only Imagination, but previous releases as well. The production never seems to struggle thematically with what it wants to do and always matches Luhan’s breathy vocal quality well. The producers (and probably Luhan himself) know just the kind of production they need to really let his voice shine and although the production itself isn’t groundbreaking, it’s done well and focuses on the mood and sound it wants to embody (like all of Luhan’s projects). In other words, it knows what it is and does it well.

I’m so happy that Luhan has found his musical niche and understands how best to use his voice this early in his career. He only has one full length album and five EPs under his belt and yet he is able to consistently come out with satisfying music. I’m looking forward to a sophomore album sometime soon (probably combining all his EPs with some new releases?).