Whether it be collaborating with the likes of Anderson .Paak and DPR Live, producing for SMTM Season 6, or releasing a new English single, “love,” with Syd (to name only a few), DEAN always seems to be working on something. Not to mention preparing for his next solo effort, which should be out soon(ish).

So he couldn’t possibly have anything else left to give, right?


Recently he released a song and music video in collaboration with South Korean sports brand Kolon Sport and Bae Doona to bring awareness to an endangered flower species on Jeju Island (the whole things is odd to me still even as I type it). And you would think that such a short track (the whole thing runs just over 1:45), meant only to be a CF for a brand and campaign, would be a throwaway song but the resulting “Flower Power” goes way too hard for what it is…Or maybe DEAN just can’t help make any and everything beautiful that he touches (is my DEAN bias showing??)?

The song is groovy and fun, the whole thing imbued with a subtle sultriness that DEAN brings to all his projects. The upbeat track is a little less R&B than DEAN usually goes for, his usual arrangements this time more playful with his oft-used synths bumping along while a satisfying mix of shakers, loose cymbal, and funky cowbell swirl about on the top end. This, combined with a less soulful vocal style, strays the whole thing more pop. But damn if DEAN can’t craft a fun pop song. And, as always, DEAN’s vocals perfectly steer the track with a lightness and ease that makes the whole thing feel so satisfyingly effortless that I can’t help to think what I did to deserve the musical prowess of DEAN in my life, including (but not limited to) his skills as performer, writer, and producer.

Sidenote: The music video is also unnecessarily beautiful and well-crafted for what this campaign is, featuring lush mixes of blues, greens, yellows, and pinks, all combined with refreshingly dewey shots of both DEAN and Bae Doona.

Overall: why is everything about this short CF campaign so unnecessarily good? It’s better than legitimate KPop releases right now??