I am constantly listening and reworking this list but, for now, these are the 10 songs I listened to on repeat in the last six months. Any you would or wouldn’t include?

10. Lil Uzi Vert – “Xo Tour Llif3”


With its odd blend of lo-fi sounds, futuristic synths, and nihilistic lyrics, this song is perhaps the weirdest song on the list. But it’s ability to be both a bop and also cover topics like suicide, substance abuse, and the breakdown of the singer’s relationship place it firmly at number 10 for 2017 so far. And also, I know I’ve asked it before but…Lil Uzi Vert, are you ok???


9. NCT 127 – “Limitless” – “무한적아” – “無限的我”


Before the release of NCT 127’s second mini album, I was still on the fence about whether or not I liked this experimental project from SM Entertainment. “Firetruck” was skirting on try-hard territory and the MV was a disjointed mess. But then NCT 127 released “Limitless”, the lead single off the stellar second mini album of the same name. By pulling back on the harshness of the beats and tonal choices and filling in those empty spaces with lush, full, stacked vocals (not to mention technical choreo and not one but TWO great visuals to go along with it), NCT 127 made a much more polished second effort at the beginning of 2017.


8. Frank Ocean – “Chanel”

When I first heard “Chanel”, I was lukewarm about it. But with each consecutive listen, its softness, Frank Ocean’s thoughtful vocal decisions, and the complexity of the lyrics constantly forced me to think and then think again in order to figure out what exactly this song was doing to me emotionally (which was a lot, by the way). It’s a sincere and complex track, deserving of multiple listens. What else would we expect from Frank Ocean? For a more in depth review, please continue here.