“No Fear,” the newest single from Detroit native DeJ Loaf, is a quintessential summer jam: smooth, poppy, and sweet. And also stylistically different from what DeJ Loaf has brought us in the past, eschewing her usual hard hitting beats for mellow guitar riffs. The production game has also leveled up on this release, the beat crisp, the reverb on that high guitar filling in the upper frequencies like late June pink-hued sunsets. Although “No Fear” isn’t necessarily bringing anything new to the game in terms of musical ideas, DeJ Loaf matches this type of sound well enough that I may actually tune in for her debut album, Liberated, especially if she’s able to bring tracks as sweet and comfortable as this one.

What I especially like about this track is its overall mood: innocent and happy. DeJ Loaf’s voice has always had a youthful tone to it but her previous releases didn’t match this. There was always a disjoint between the sound and topics she was exploring and her style of singing. But perhaps with this single, DeJ Loaf has finally find her niche. “No Fear,” more like late night bonfires that end in giggling kisses than anything else, matches the rough but breezy timbre of her voice and everything that she’s put out before sounds subpar comparatively. The lyrics too are sweet and speak to young love. Again, nothing we haven’t heard before (especially in our summer jams) but it’s done so well that I don’t mind listening to it for the rest of the summer.